Our Clients

Planning and structuring

Bennelong Private Wealth specialises in servicing individuals who understand the value of appropriately planning and structuring their financial affairs.

Our clients understand that the difference between good and bad advice can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) over a lifetime. Our clients also understand that the Australian regulatory environment is complex (eg taxation and superannuation) and that significant training and experience is necessary in order to provide good advice.

Investment Advice
Our clients want to deal with an adviser who is putting the interests of their clients first. They do not want to deal with a product salesperson.

Our clients want investment advice which is appropriate to their level of risk and their particular circumstances. They understand that investment markets fluctuate and our clients want quality advice through the ups and downs of investment cycles.

Your net worth

We have clients with assets in the tens of thousands of dollars and those with assets in the tens of millions of dollars. There are no asset limits placed upon the clients of Bennelong Private Wealth.

Long term relationship
Our clients value a long term relationship with their adviser. They would like to work with an adviser who can help them achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle over the long term.